While you focus on the manufacturing side, we look after the expansion of your business

At zua we aim to partner with key food manufacturers, our goal is to assist in developing the Commercial side of the business, maximizing our partners’ expansion objectives.

Disrupting new markets and channels, planning the strategy from short to long term and keeping a permanent challenge on Innovation, are the basis of our side of the partnership. Expanding within the European market is our main expertise.

To companies which focus on their manufacturing capabilities, we provide the structural thinking and work on materializing your potential.

For any new partnership, we privilege quality and innovation and believe these attributes should surpass the “local” argument – the most important mission is getting the best product to customers anywhere and pushing for progress in the industry.

zua is built upon trust, transparency and an exemplary professionalism.


Strong FMCG trade track in the EU, in markets such as France, UK, Ireland, Spain, Poland, Germany & Portugal.  


Possibility to develop different types of channels such as mass Retail, Health Market, Food-to-Go, Air Catering…


Experience working with supply chains from Ambient, to Fresh or Frozen ranges. 


Our background cover distinct Categories: fresh juices, ice cream, canned fish, snacks or condiments, to name a few.

Our experienced and multicultural Team

Experienced in launching numerous brands and own label products in several European markets (such as the UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, France, Portugal or Poland), our team is skilled with a start to finish management mentality. Plus, we cover different types of clients, from Retailers, Food-to-Go chains or Air Catering companies.

zua’s multicultural team brings together diverse languages such as English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and even a touch of German.

The diversity of our side gathers experience in Categories which range from fresh juices, ice cream, canned fish, snacks or condiments. From ambient, to chilled or frozen lines, we have managed all kind of temperature goods.

On the other hand, the background of the team and our support doesn’t rely on the Commercial side only, it is balanced with Marketing, Consumer Insights and a long experience in Exports and presence in major food fairs.

Our Values



With equal relevance as to quality and innovation, is the importance we aim at sustainable production processes, packaging sustainability, fresh ingredients and waste avoidance.



We thrive for food which will give pleasure to the consumers, indulgence shouldn’t be neglected despite a product’s high quality standards.



Other than the potential of a future partner, is our preference for companies with similar values, a long term vision and a partnership based on trust and cooperative work.



Originality and innovation are hand with hand, they are major growth drivers for us and therefore we value businesses with their own history and traditions.

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